Horspath and Social Housing

Horspath and Social Housing

If you are a Horspath person, or someone with strong Horspath connections, and you would like to live in Horspath, but you cannot afford a house on the open market, then you might be interested in the social and affordable housing schemes already built in Horspath. There are two small groups of such housing, the first built around 1995 at Butler Close, and the second built around 2003 at Copcot Place. The schemes have houses for shared ownership sale and rented units. If you are interested in such housing, please inform Horspath Parish Council by email at parish.council@horspath.org.uk giving your name, current address, telephone number and your connection with Horspath.

South Oxfordshire District Council (SODC) is the local housing authority. To be eligible for Social Housing or Affordable Housing (Council Housing), you must join SODC's Housing Register. See their web site, or email Housing services, or phone them on 01491 823325.

South Oxfordshire District Council (SODC) (main switchboard/call centre: 01491 823000).

Latest update 22 April 2011