Welcome to Horspath Village

The Great Horspath Adventurous Playground Project

In the Autumn of 2008, the children of Horspath asked the Parish Council to refurbish our village play area, which is old and not very exciting, as you can see from the photos below.

Saturday 11th September 2010 - grand opening of the new play areas. See the poster for details.

May 2010 - update on progress and photos.

February 2010 - update on progress and photos.

November 2009 - our design for a possible adventure play space for our 8-13 years.

"Let's tell the Council what we would like"

The Horspath play area

Poor worn out horse - front end

Poor worn out horse - rear end

Riding the poor old horse

The seesaw has seen better days

The letter to the Parish Council

We had a preliminary public meeting in November 2008 which was attended by many local parents and their children, as well as our parish councillors, to hear what the kids wanted to say. We were also very lucky to have a presentation by Howie Watkins, our Oxford County Council Playbuilder Officer, who told us all about the new Playbuilder scheme, and how the community can work together to design and build a more exciting, and challenging play space for all our children right up to teenage years. During the subsequent discussion session lots of ideas were put forward including:

  • an aerial runway;
  • a new and more interesting younger children's play area with lots of innovative equipment so that kids of different ages can play together;
  • a bike park;
  • tennis courts;
  • an assault course;
  • an adventure play park.

Wheeee!! Let's go biking!

Garsington's aerial runway

Islip's adventure playground

Next we went to our local primary School, Horspath C of E Primary, and Jenny Knight, our Headteacher, kindly agreed to set this as a Christmas project for the children. Three classes were involved in designing the new play ground with loads of fantastic ideas including:

  • some mind boggling adventure assault courses;
  • lots of eco friendly ideas such as re-cycling tyres, using re-cycled plastics;
  • lots of themed adventure lands including Castle-land, Postman-Pat Land, Thomas-Land, Bob-the-Builder land and Jungle-land among others.
However, it quickly became clear that one of the most popular themes was for pirate ship with a treasure island (and a nice beach) and a shark-infested sea.

You can see ten designs drawn by our local kids showing what they would like. The drawings are shown here as a slide show which will continue until you click on the "Close" link which returns you to this page. [The design slideshow]

Please note: you must have javascript enabled to see the designs cycle one after the other. If you do not see the slide show, and you don't know how to enable javascript for our website, please refer to our "Website viewing assistance" page.

We took all our ideas and sent them off to those nice people at Playbuilder and WREN (Waste Recycling Environmental Limited) to ask for some of the funds to complete our dream playground.

We are now really excited, because Playbuilder have awarded us the sum of 46,000 to build an adventure play space for our 8-13 years. We hope to hear from WREN in July, as their decision making panel are meeting in the next few months. We hope that they will also fund some equipment for our toddlers and younger primary-age children.


We are going to convene our 'Playground Steering Committee' which is lots of kids (and their adults), to design the best play area in Oxfordshire!

We'll let you know how it goes.

Angela Julian, Parish Councillor, May 2009
For more information please contact Angela by e-mail: angela.digges@clara.co.uk.