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Horspath Parish Council issued the following on the sad death of Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh on 9th April 2021:
Horspath Parish Council - Statement Of Condolence
We are deeply saddened to learn that His Royal Highness Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh passed away peacefully this morning at Windsor Castle. On behalf of Horspath Parish Council, our councillors, staff, and residents, we offer our heart-felt condolences and sympathy to all members of The Royal Family. We extend those condolences to everybody touched by this sad and solemn occasion and we join the people of the United Kingdom in this period of mourning. His Royal Highness was a great statesman, husband, father and grandfather. His absence will be felt by many people across the country. For the duration of the current emergency, it is not appropriate to open physical books of condolence. The only safe option is to use the online books of condolence where these are available, we anticipate an official Book of Condolence at www.royal.uk.
Clearly at this time it is very difficult for members of the public to lay flowers and following Oxfordshire County Council's guidance, we would discourage people from doing so. An alternative option would be to make a donation if you wish, with details expected through the official Buckingham Palace website in due course at www.royal.uk. Horspath Parish Council is aware of the enormous financial pressures that the situation is placing on some people, therefore nobody should feel obliged to make a donation.
Horspath Parish Council
9th April 2021

Safety work on Horspath Bridge
Emergency safety work on Horspath Railway Bridge.
Information update 23 February 2021.
Following inspection of the bridge during 20/21 movement has been recorded in the parapets. Contractors have been engaged to remove the parapets to trackbed level and a concrete haunch applied to the top to prevent water ingress. A timber fence will be erected across both sides of the structure to prevent falls. It is anticipated that the work will take approximately 18 days.

Information update 26 February 2021.
Read important information about the Bridge here. (Set Zoom to 75% to see the whole page on one screen)
Information update 04 March 2021.
Read important information about the Bridge here
. (Set Zoom to 75% to see the whole page on one screen)
Information update 08 March 2021.
Read important information about the Bridge here
. (Set Zoom to 75% to see the whole page on one screen)

The Hub Post Office continues to be open 10.00am - 1.00pm every Friday. See the latest poster of 25 March 2021.

New Bus info January 2021
Important announcement from Horspath Parish Council about a new hourly Bus service - See bus timetable here .

Tuesday 2nd March 2021 - Monthly meeting of the Parish Council held remotely. The Minutes of the meeting are now available in PDF format (The Minutes of a meeting will be available here and on the Village Noticeboard within a few days of the next meeting.)

Caring in a Crisis: Shielding the Vulnerable in Oxfordshire – see where to get help and support

Street Tag - A fun, free, smartphone app that offers rewards for exercise - organised by Oxfordshire CC. Read the info about it here.

Good News! Our weekly Post Office is still open. See poster of 25 March for details.
Hub Bookings Calendar for April 2021 to January 2022. Updated: 07/04/2021. Gives any cancellations due to Coronavirus.
Email to hub bookings to make a reservation.
Supporting Horspath Residents Suffering Financial Hardship During COVID-19 - please see these two documents,
HSPC - Financial and Supporting Residents , for information.
Horspath Stone Pit Charity website is now live.
Horspath Hub @ the Old Chapel - Check the Hub bookings here.
Email community.hub@horspath.org.uk. Read the Terms & Conditions of hire, and get a booking form.

Thame and Wheatley Ramblers
Please note: From March 2020 all walks cancelled until further notice due to the Coronavirus.

Due To Covid-19, The Annual Parish Meeting, due to be held in April 2020, has been POSTPONED until further notice.

Horspath Village Hall
Email village.hall@horspath.org.uk. Read the Terms & Conditions of hire.

Use this LINK to make on-line Village Hall room bookings, or to view current bookings.

Bookings for Horspath Village Hall and Horspath Hub - PLEASE NOTE: When booking your event:
  • you must check the timetable for the venue, published on this Home Page, to see if your required area is already booked, and
  • you must include setting up time and clearing up time in the total time for your event.       This will avoid the possibility of any events clashing. Thank you.

The ancient village of Horspath, active since before 1066, nestles on the slopes of Shotover...... read more of our history.

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