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Horspath Neighbourhood Watch Scheme

A Registered "Thames Valley Police" Watch Scheme.

In the mid 1990's Media publicity indicated that drug related crime was on the increase and that theft from motor vehicles and residential properties was becoming a major problem. It was clear that Police Forces all over the country were having difficulty due to financial constraints in coping with this upsurge in acquisitive crime. I concluded that vulnerable communities needed to become more involved in protecting their own property and wondered if my neighbours would be interested in having a Neighbourhood Watch Scheme.

Horspath in common with most communities urban or rural has a small element of its population that has no respect for anything or any body. In a village community like ours these individual are generally well known and easily identified. The incidents of vandalism and criminal damage to Parish Council Property can nearly always be attributed to these known troublemakers. Being close to the urban areas of a large City like Oxford means we are also vulnerable to visits from criminal elements that prey on motor vehicles and any insecure domestic property. Being on a well-used commuter route also makes us vulnerable to the opportunist criminal.

In 1997, I circulated a number of residents in and around my own locality on the possibility of setting up a Neighbourhood Watch Scheme. The response was overwhelmingly in favour and by January 1998, the Scheme was in existence. Since then the Scheme has progressively grown to include the whole of the Village with Area Coordinators or NHW Contacts in all areas. In 1999, with the approval of the Scheme's Annual General Meeting the Coordinators became The Horspath NHW Committee. The Committee Members Consult and communicate by email and telephone holding their Annual General Meeting in the early Spring. The Parish Council supported The Committees efforts to have the whole village covered by Neighbourhood Watch, funding the cost of printing communications and recruitment circulars and the purchase of NHW street notices. The Horspath Scheme Committee Policy (on the reverse of this sheet) outlines the way that the Horspath Neighbourhood Watch Scheme Committee has approached the setting up of NHW in the Village. My Committee Colleagues and I recognise how precious time is to individuals and families in this modern world. We also appreciate that privacy is important to Village residents.

Neville Buckett
Organiser/Coordinator/Committee Chair
Horspath Neighbourhood Watch Scheme
May 2012

You can contact Horspath Neighbourhood Watch Co-ordinator by email.