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  Apply for a grant

Applications for grants in this quarter must be made by
1 September 2019.

All applications received after that date will be considered
at the December 2019 Trustees' meeting.

Before you fill in an application form, you must read "Standing Orders", FAQs, and Constitution.

On each application form there is a box for "Itemised Provisional Budget". All applicants for grants must fill in this box, providing:

  1. the total numbers of any identical items with the same unit cost,
  2. the unit cost for each individual item, and
  3. the sum total of the cost of all the items listed in the Itemised Provisional Budget,
and wherever possible, also the names of the intended suppliers and/or cost quotations from them. Here is an example (the prices are for demonstration purposes only). The application is for a grant to buy "Garden Tools", but each tool must be entered separately,
as follows:
2 garden spades @ £30 each = £60 (from P&Qs)
4 garden hoes @ £25 each = £100 (from P&Qs)
1 long-arm lopper @ £35 each = £35 (from HomeBash)
12 bamboo canes @ £1 each = £12 (from HomeBash)
        Total = £207

In the same manner, "Sports Equipment" etc. must be broken down into the individual priced components.
Applications which do not have this box filled in correctly will be returned for clarification.

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