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About us

What is Horspath Stone Pit Trust?
Horspath Stone Pit Trust is a fund operated by Horspath Parish Council and 4 independent trustees for the benefit of residents.

Who can apply for funds?
Any organisation which exists in its majority for the benefit of Horspath residents, or any individual resident in the village.   If the applicant (or the main householder in the case of somebody under the age of 18) is not on the electoral register, proof of residence may be requested in the form of a recent Council tax, bank statement or utility bill.

How do individuals apply?
All applications must be made using the Application Form.  Simply go to the application section of this website and complete a form on-line.  A small supply of forms will also be made available at Horspath Hub.   All on-line applications from within the village will be acknowledged.  If you complete a form by hand, it should be sent to the Parish Clerk.

How much can I apply for?
Individuals may apply for a maximum of £450, and village organisations may apply for a maximum of £4,500 in any single calendar year.

How are successful applications chosen?
The rental income each quarter will be made available on a first come-first served basis to all applications complying with the funding criteria, that is for educational, charitable, artistic, cultural, sporting, musical and environmental activities, and for care in the community for the elderly and disabled.

In the event of over-subscription in any quarter, all grants will be scaled back accordingly.  This will not effect anybody's right to make additional applications up to the maximum amount of funding available in any calendar year including topping up any shortfall.

Priority will be given to grants which will be of benefit to the whole commmunity in Horspath.

Can children apply?
Applications from children of school age are actively encouraged but the application will need to contain the details of the main householder, as recorded on the electoral register.  The details of the school attended are also required on the application form and these may be checked for authenticity.