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Terms and Conditions of Hire (updated 11/10/2018)

Email: community.hub@horspath.org.uk    Web: www.horspath.org.uk/communityhub/

Telephone: 07591 933 964 - Registered Charity number: 1152667

The Horspath Hub is situated in what was the Methodist Chapel. It now forms a part of the other village facilities to be found at the Horspath Village Hall and Recreation Ground site. Hirers are expected to respect these Terms and Conditions, to collect and leave keys as required and to leave the facility in a clean and tidy condition ready for the next hirer.

We ask that you read these Terms and Conditions of Hire before making your booking and sign the booking form that you have done so.

  1. Bookings may be made by phone or e-mail to the Bookings Clerk.

  2. Leave the facility in a clean and tidy condition ready for the next hirer.

  3. Hiring prices are reviewed annually and prices charged will be those in force at the time of the let. Full payment must be made when the booking is made. If a cancellation is made less then 14 days before the event 50% of the charge will be refunded. Contact will be made to the hirers shortly before the event with details about access to the Hub. For the schedule of Hire Charges hover here.

  4. At the end of the hire please close all internal doors, external doors, the gate to the grounds and, if appropriate, the gate to the overflow car park, and return the keys as directed. Please ensure that all lights are switched off, the heating thermostat turned down as directed, and all doors and windows are securely locked. THIS IS A RESIDENTAL AREA. WE WOULD ASK IF YOUR ACTIVITY INCLUDES LOUD MUSIC THAT ALL THE WINDOWS AND DOORS ARE CLOSED WHILE THIS IS PLAYING. WE ASK YOU TO BE AS QUIET AS POSSIBLE WHEN LEAVING THE HUB, ESPECIALLY IN THE EVENING.

  5. Please leave the Horspath Hub in a clean and tidy state ready for the next hirer. (Mops and brooms are in the cupboard just outside the toilets.) Any damage should be reported and there will be a possible replacement charge. Please return all chairs and tables to where they were found, ready for the next hirer.
    The upholstered chairs must not be removed for use outside.

  6. Rubbish must be sorted into recyclable, non recyclable and food waste as appropriate and left in the kitchen. Any broken glass must be wrapped before disposal. No liquids to be emptied in the bins.

  7. Cars should be parked in the Village Hall car park or the overspill car park (the combination will be given prior to the event). Parking at Horspath Hub is only for disabled Blue Badge holders; access for others is for loading and unloading only. . GREAT CARE SHOULD BE EXERCISED WHEN EXITING ONTO THE ROAD OUTSIDE, AS VISIBILITY TO THE RIGHT IS EXTREMELY RESTRICTED.

  8. It is the responsibility of the hirer to ensure that everyone is aware of the FIRE EXITS and that people are able to escape unimpeded and assemble in the grounds at the rear or onto Manor Farm Road. Fire doors must remain unobstructed during the let.

  9. Consumption of alcohol: The Hub has a Premises Licence which allows alcohol to be served to anyone over 18 but it must be consumed on the premises. The hirer must serve alcohol responsibly and is responsible for the behaviour of his/her guests. We operate a "Challenge 21" Policy.

  10. Smoking is not permitted on these premises.

  11. Parents or designated careers are responsible for the behaviour of their children using the facilities. Children should not be in the kitchen unattended.

  12. Hirers are responsible for the insurance and safety of any equipment they bring with them.

  13. No animals other than guide dogs are permitted within the Hub building.

  14. Decorations such as balloons and streamers may only be attached by string to door and curtain fixtures.
    Please do not use pins or ANY kind of adhesive or BLU-TACK on the walls or paintwork.

  15. Bringing fireworks into, or the ignition of fireworks or lanterns in the Hub building or in the grounds, is expressly forbidden.

  16. Any property placed or left in the Horspath Hub or grounds is the responsibility of the Hirer and left at the Hirer's risk.

  17. Cars parked within the Village Hall car parks or on the Horspath Hub grounds are left entirely at the owner's risk.

  18. Please note that there is a permissive footpath through the outside area to allow access to the car park and village facilities which is in constant use. There is a gate on the bridge which hirers may close but not lock and a notice to inform users to close it afterwards can be placed on the gate.

  19. The Trustees and Directors of the Friends of Horspath reserve the right to change these Terms and Conditions at any time at their discretion, and to refuse bookings if there has been a problem with any previous booking.

We thank you for your co-operation and hope you enjoy the use of Horspath Hub.

Horspath Hub, The Old Chapel, The Green, Horspath, Oxon OX33 1RP

To download this page and the bookings form as Word documents, please go to the Bookings Form page.

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