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Horspath Village Amenities

Horspath Village Stores
2 Church Road, Horspath, Oxfordshire OX33 1RU
Proprietors: Vipin & Jayshree Patel, phone 01865 872903
Efficient and well-stocked general store. Opening hours:
Monday - Saturday 5:30am - 6:30pm, Sundays 6:30am - 12:30pm.

Horspath Service Station
The Green, Oxford Road, Horspath, Oxfordshire, OX33 1RT, phone: 01865 873349
Repair and service all makes of vehicle, MOTs, petrol, breakdown recovery service

Post Office
In Horspath, every Friday at the Hub, from 10:00am to 1:00pm

The Chequers Inn, Village Green, Horspath: 872401
The Queen's Head Inn, Church Road, Horspath: 875567. Visit the Queen's Head web site.

Taste of India, at the Chequers Inn, Horspath: 874800.

Pressed For Time - Local Ironing service
Tel : 07017 455444. Eml: enquiries@pressedfortimeironing.com . See their poster.
Visit the Pressed For Time website.

Sheps Cycle Shack - Motor Cycle MOT Station
Unit 3, 4 Gidley Way, Horspath, Oxfordshire OX33 1RQ. Tel : 01865 876771. Fax : 01865875627. Eml: enquires@shepscycleshack.co.uk
Visit the Sheps Cycle Shack website.

Sunnyview Vineyard
51 Cuddesdon Road, Horspath, Oxfordshire OX33 1JD. Tel: 01865 361535. Mob: 07909 526232. Eml: info@sunnyhillvineyard.co.uk
See the poster for full details. Visit the Sunnyview Vineyard website.

The Shotover Brewing Company Ltd
Coopers Yard, Manor Farm Road, Horspath, Oxfordshire OX33 1SD. Tel: 01865 604620. Mob: 07710 883273. Eml: caitlin@shotoverbrewing.com
Visit the Shotover Brewing website.

Village Allotments
Located on Church Glebe land in Cuddesdon Road, these are administered on behalf of the Oxford Diocese by Sidleys Chartered Surveyors.
Horspath Parish Council wishes to encourage villagers to take up allotments, so if you are interested, please contact the Horspath Webmaster at webmaster@horspath.org.uk. See the Horspath Allotments Association web pages.

Village Green
Horspath is proud of its Village Green in the centre of the village. The area comprising the Green was originally Common Land, but was registered to Horspath Parish Council in December 1979. However, it was considered to be administered by the Parish Council before 1976. In April 1976 the Government Home Office confirmed the Byelaws made by the Parish Council in respect of the Village Green. The small grass and gravel area to the south of St. Giles Church, today used as a car park, was originally the site of the Village Pond, and this area is still part of the Village Green. In the Spring, the Green is a blaze of daffodils. At Christmas time the Green is the location for the Village Christmas Tree. View a map of the Village Green showing the legal area registered in 1979, and read the Byelaws in force since April 1976, or download the PDF version (14Kb).

Village Hall
Address: Horspath Village Hall, Oxford Road, Horspath, Oxfordshire OX33 1RT.
For all bookings please contact Village Hall Bookings by email at village.hall@horspath.org.uk and they will get back to you as soon as possible.
See the Village Hall page.
Next to the Village Hall is a children's play area, refurbished in Spring 2008 following vandalism which kept the area closed for several months.
Spring 2009 - Horspath's exciting new Play Area Project. Read all about it here.

The New Burial Ground
The New Burial Ground is owned by Horspath Parish Council. Access is further down the path to the Horspath Cycle Speedway track, by Horspath Village Hall.

If you are interested in the aims and usage of the New Burial Ground, which is owned by Horspath Parish Council, read or download the PDF version (80Kb) of the Rules for Usage of the Burial Ground (updated February 2018).

Horspath Parish Council New Burial Ground
View of the New Burial Ground, November 2006

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