Important Information from the Trustees about the Horspath Stone Pit Charity
The Stone Pit Charity is a registered charity which has been operating for around four years, and is administered by the Trustee, Horspath Parish Council.    You may be aware that grant schemes for both individuals and organisations within the village have been available as part of this charity's operations during this time.
  The Trustees feel that it is important to have an opportunity to review the procedures of the charity in order that we can gain maximum recognition for individuals who have contributed to our local community, and to support the organisations within the village.  We are therefore restructuring our procedures and will be suspending the current grant application process from 31 December 2019.  All grant applications received by this date will be considered by Trustees in January 2020.
  Further information will be provided on the Horspath website, and on the village noticeboards, but we wanted to ensure that residents had advanced notice of these changes. Further details will be announced at the Annual Parish Meeting in April 2020.
  In the meantime, if you have any questions, please contact the Secretary of Horspath Stone Pit Charity, Mrs Hayley Kogel.

 Trustees of the Horspath Stone Pit Charity

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